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About Us
MIROOOO (a brand of SAEF Group) is a well-known electric toothbrush brand in China. MIROOOO was established in 2002. In the early days, it was mainly engaged in OEM/ODM mold design and product processing for various famous toothbrush brands. Due to our highly specialized, high-quality manufacturing capabilities and timely order delivery capabilities for electric toothbrush products, MIROOOO has now become an OEM/ODM design and manufacturing center with 200 professional employees including more ...
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Lastest company news about Who's MIROOOO, why Choose MIROOOO?
Who's MIROOOO, why Choose MIROOOO?


How difficult can it be to make an electric toothbrush? Especially in China, a manufacturing powerhouse that can undertake Apple's core supply chain? In the eyes of laymen, the mature domestic foundry industry chain is like a ski-jump deck on an aircraft carrier, which can provide the basic guarantee for almost all new products or new brands to take off in the shortest time. It is not difficult to make an electric toothbrush that attracts users at a "low price". The hard part is going long-term in the industry. From the moment it entered the market, MIROOOO understood that selling a product does not mean being able to gain a firm foothold in the industry. If you want to stand out, you must build a moat that can withstand all-round tests. Make an electric toothbrush that impresses consumers and is really easy to use. Walkable. You must master the research and development by yourself and have the core technology. Since entering the industry, MIROOOO has developed self-developed motors and circuit chips, which have technically broken the barriers of the industry. At the same time, it also allows many peers to have benchmarked technologies as a reference. After continuous deep cultivation in the field of technology research and development, MIROOOO has more than 100 patents. Apart from technology In addition, based on 20 years of production experience, we can provide customers with the best process matching and solutions, such as UV transfer printing, thermal transfer printing, and water transfer printing on different materials. The texture is improved, and the cost and stability are controlled comprehensively. Another core competitive point, MIROOOO Through design innovation, it is possible to output a more beautiful appearance for customers, and the easiest thing for consumers to perceive is price, especially online sales. In the reality of product homogeneity, price becomes the most significant difference, so a good-looking pattern transfer, a good-looking color matching, and a good-looking gradient spray paint can all determine the product sales data. Therefore, according to the customer's sales strategy and positioning, we can meet the customer's needs and create products that are more impressive to the consumer market. MIROOOO has made steady progress in product polishing and innovation, technology accumulation, user demand insight, and industry driving. Professionalism, technology, diversity... The market and customers have attached many labels to MIROOOO, and we also look forward to exploring more possibilities in the future based on technology, innovation and service.     volume_up     content_copy         share        
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Sylvia E
Worth every cent. I can see a visible difference and my teeth have whitened in just a few days. I also feel like my teeth are a lot cleaner now and my oral hygiene feels so good! I would totally recommend this. It’s better than the higher end brands and worth the money. Going to buy this as a gift for family etc.. I love this!
Space Kaiser
I didn't want a spin brush or anything super bulky, this fit the bill and looks great doing it. The magnet didn't really hold the toothbrush securely when I tried it but that's ok. I like that the brush head is easy to remove and the charging port is easy to open, my last electric toothbrush was almost impossible to change the batteries on beca
Katie Dennis
First of all, it’s pretty. I like that it comes with a magnetic holder for the wall, which means easy storage. The timer is actually helpful…it makes me slow down and get a good clean. 100% recommend!
My hygienist recommended this brush. My gum line was receding due to me brushing too hard. This brush was recommended and it has saved my gums! When I push too hard, it beeps to let me know. I can already see a difference in my gums and my teeth are so much cleaner! I keep the charger plugged in so there is never an issue with battery life。
Jairo M
I have owned my SAEF toothbrush for over 13 years. This was a replacement toothbrush brush for my wife’s 11 year old toothbrush. They work great, last a long time. Every dental visit they are amazed with how barely any plaque has formed. My whole family has switched to SAEF.
This is a great tooth brush. It cleans the teeth better than our old spin brush. We bought it because our dentist recommended it. The brush cleans so good that the dentist will probably make less money from us. I highly recommend this brush.
This is a nice electric toothbrush, and an upgrade over my latest one. I only charge it once a month or so, and yes, I do use it daily until it turns off.
Timothy Corcoran
I've been using this for about 2 months now and I'm very happy with the product. I'd been trying to find a good electric toothbrush and tried several others that I wasn't satisfied with before landing on this one. It's easy to keep clean, works very well, holds a good charge and gives an easy warning that it's low.
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